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Bajaj Allianz Pet Insurance

 Bajaj Allianz Pet Insurance

Bajaj Allianz Pet Insurance

What is Pet Insurance:

The Pet Insurance is an insurance coverage similar to the Health Insurance Policies availed by Human beings. This Pet Insurance helps Pet Owners to ruduce the overall expenditure of veterinary bills of Pets. It is usually covers part of or entire  expenditure of  veterinary procedure.

The Policy Coverage usually includes following:

  • Surgery and Hospitalization expenses
  • Terminal Diseases Cover (Such as Cancer, Kidney Failure etc.,)
  • Death/Mortality Benefit Cover
  • Long term care cover ( Diabetes, Thyroid Dysfunction, Glaucoma, Ascites, etc.,)
  • OPD cover ( Covers injury in accident or Disease)

When you need Pet Insurance:

You must opt in for Insurance when following conditions are met.
When you have an expensive breed.
When you have aggressive breeds such as Rottweilers and Pitbull.
When you have dog breeds , who is prone to illness.
If you have habit of maintaining professional dog breeds.

Things to Consider while Purchasing Pet Insurance:


The cost of veterinary care is growing up and also insurance company in india offer competitive premium prices. 99 percent of the people pay pet's veterinary expense in our pocket.

Claim Process:

One should fully aware of the Insurance's claim process. There is no option for cashless service and insurer will get reimbursement fully or part of Vet expense amount like property insurance. Understand the terms and condition before choosing a policy.


If you are a owner of foreign breed, It is recommended to buy Pet Insurance with coverage of Death and Theft and also it is advised to purchase TP cover if Breed is aggressive.

Companies Offering Pet Insurance in India:

The following list of Companies offer Pet Insurance in India.

Bajaj Allianz  - Provides Comprehensive coverage
Oriental  - Provides Comprehensive coverage
Pawtech  - Provides Accidental death coverage
New India Assurance - Provides Accidental death coverage

Bajaj Allianz Pet Insurance:

In this article, we are going to discuss about Pet Insurance provided by Bajaj Allianz.

Key Features:

  • It offers coverages such as surgery, hospitalization,terminal diseases, mortality , OPD and theft/lost/straying cover.
  • It covers legal liability of third party bodily injury or property damage and also it covers lifetime of the dog from age 3 months to 10 years.
  • Offer 5% discount in case dog is RFID tagged
  • Medical tests is not mandatory subject to the waiting period for covering certain diseases

Eligiblity Details:

  • It should be domesticated pet dogs and atleast 90 days of age old.
  • Pets should be Indigenous Origin, Cross-breed and Exotic breeds.
  • Age is from 3 months onwards and till age of 4 years for Bigger breeds and 7 years for small, medium and large breeds.
  • Documents to be Submitted:
  • colour phots of pet from 5 sides( Front, Back, Left, Right and Top). If pet has an RFID chip, the colour photo  which should captures the identification number clearly.
  • Diagnostics test, such as Bio-chemistry test, blood count, urine test and chest X-Ray if Pet is more than 4 years old.
  • Self-declare about all the vaccination done on Pet.
  • A Pedigree Certificate obtained from "Kennel Club of India".
  • Purchase proof should be submitted if sum insured is higher.

The Claim Process:

If some untowards incident happens , you can call Toll Free Number of Bajai Financae, 1800-209-5858 within 24 hours of the occorance.

The following documents you may ought to submit  for Claim process:

Duly filled Claim form
Vaccination Certificate
Death Certificcate ( If claim is made under Mortality Benefit Cover)
Vet Medical bills and papers ( For claiming Surgery Expenses & Hospitalisation Cover, Mortality Benefit Cover, Long Term Care Cover and OPD Cover)
FIR copy and Court Order ( In case claim is made under Third Party Liability Cover)
Copy of the Police diary of Entries ( For Lost/Theft)
Any other documents as required by Company.

The benefits of Pet Insurance:

The greater benefit is that the insurance will empower to get best of Medical services to help the dog recovering from illness or Accidents.

Further, Bajaj Allianz Pet Dog Insurance provides additional benefits such as support to look for your dog in case it goes missing, protection against third party liability, property damages caused by pet, and many more.

Final thought:

Bajaj Allianz Pet Insurance

The Pet Insurance in India is an great option for pet lovers who want to provivde best care for their pets.
Bajaj Allianz offers excellent pet health insurance policy at an compettitive price. You can log in to Bajaj Allianz website to get a quote, and then you choose to buy a policy for your pet.

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