Paytm IPO Subscription Updates

 Paytm IPO Subscription Updates

Paytm IPO Subscription Updates

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This is an Important Moment for Share Market Investors because Paytm is going to be the biggest Public Company in India as Majority of People are much interested to Invest in the Paytm IPO (Initial Public Offering).

Few days before, Digital Platform Company Paytm applied to SEBI for entering to Share Market and got green Signal from SEBI then, It has released IPO Offering on Nov 08.The Last Date to avail Paytm IPO is 10th of November.

Today, Nov 09 One97 Communication's owned Paytm got 48 Percent Subscription so far. Totally, 2.34 crore equity shares have been subscribed as against the offer size of 4.83 crore shares.

1.23 times shares had been subscribed by retail investors itself and 5 Percent shares subscribed by non-Institutional Investors.

The Price Range for Paytm Share is in the Range from Rs.2080 to Rs.2150.

Being in the top place in the Digital Market, Paytm is planning to expand its e-commerce business by offering its IPO. The Paytm IPO target is Rs.18,300 Crore and planning to gather Rs.18,300 Crore by entering to Share Market.

Biggest IPO in the History of Share Market:

During the year 2010, the Coal India Company raised Rs. 15,000 Crore by means of IPO offering and this was the Biggest fund raising in the IPO offering.

Now, The Paytm has targetted to Rs. 18,300 in IPO offering, So this is considered as Biggest IPO offering in Indian Share Market currently.

Important Date: Shares of Paytm is going to be listed in Share Market on November 18,2021.

Thoughts on Paytm IPO:

Paytm is successful in the Digital Marketing Platform as it has Features like Payment Bank and Investment services and it helps customers to do Digital transaction. Hence, Investment advisors suggest one can invest in Paytm in ShareMarket.

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